Message from Tohoku

【Bring the ILC to Tohoku】

We will do our best to bring the ILC to the Kitakami Mountains because we strongly believe that the ILC will not only contribute to improvements of the local economy but also will be an opportunity for Japan and Tohoku to contribute to academic promotion of human society. It also could become a great resource for future generations.

【Comments from Children】

☆Elementary School Student in Ichinoseki, Iwate
I am interested in the universe so I want to do experiments in Higgs Particle, atoms, neutrons and electrons.
☆Junior High School Student in Oshu, Iwate
I want to be a researcher relating to ILC. I want to be involved with research about unknown matter, dark matter and dark energy.
☆Junior High School Student in Kesennuma, Miyagi
The area close to us is one of the candidate sites for ILC. From what we learned today, I get excited thinking about how ILC will be used.
☆High School Student in Morioka
I am thrilled by the possibility that there might be a discovery of neutrinos in the area where I was born and raised. In the future I would like to be one of the scientists who share such new discoveries.
Tohoku Conference for the Promotion of the ILC