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Comments from Business Managers

Business Manager in Niigata

I am glad that our product adopted for LHC worked well and it could be a help to discover Higgs Particle. In the future, our product will be used in the research of dark matter. It is a great pleasure if we can be a help to society through a research like this.

Business Manager in Miyagi

The development of accelerators in Europe is ahead of those in Japan. The technology is required to be the best in accuracy rather than to be of lowest cost in the world therefore we should join all the forces in Tohoku with no regard to profit or the prefectural borders and challenge the world.

Principal of an International School in Miyagi

Our school building is capable to take in up to 200 students If Iwate Prefecture becomes a major base for the ILC; we could set up a school there and have satellite classes in Sendai.

Linear Collider Communicator in Europe (Observed Kitakami Mountains)

I felt that the disaster area is recovering. Also I was touched when I saw there were many flags in the area to promote ILC.

Beautiful scenery. There is a station and places to shop. An enriching environment for raising children will be a good addition to a comfortable life.

*Linear Collider Communicators consist of spokesmen from the research organization in Europe and Japan. They regularly transmit information about the accelerator research to the world via internet and publications.

Tohoku Conference for the Promotion of the ILC