Wat’s ILC

【About ILC (Outline of ILC Project)】

International Linear Collider will be used to replicate the state one pico-second (trillionth of a second) after the Big Bang (birth of the universe) by colliding electrons and its antiparticle, positrons at extremely high energy.

It will be a 30 to 50km linear shaped machine placed approximately 100m underground. Researchers will monitor and analyze particles produced by the collision to research unknown particles and determine the limits of power.

Condition of Candidate Site 

The Candidate Site for the ILC should have very little seismic activity, no active fault and stable bedrock. Also it must have a good access to amenities above ground, a good approach with major metropolitan areas surrounding the site and a good access to transportation such as major roads, railways, and airports.

When will the ILC get built?

The construction is expected to start late 2010s.

Construction costs 830 billion yen (it will be decided after making international adjustments)


Tohoku Conference for the Promotion of the ILC